Kamis, 23 Februari 2012

Felix's art reflection

in art project I make art project like christmas lantern, Chinese coins, and ketupat. But my favorite is making chinese coins because it save money and it's easy to make. we collected CD that are not used again. But not perfect.

At grade 7, I dont know how to make ketupat! so I asked my brother or my friends to teach me. I asked Tracey to teach me how to make ketupat. it's hard to make but I practice with paper, at last i can make ketupat, then I make it with the ribbon.

Then I also like to make film. my groups are Karin,Gloria,Shevalda,Micheal,and putra. grade 9 make music vidio. And my group are the winner.

I hope this year film festival will be more better than last year!!!!